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Bribery is the act to corruptly to give, offer, or promise to any public servant, or, if a public servant, corruptly to request, solicit, accept, or agree to accept for himself or herself or another, any pecuniary or other benefit not authorized by law with an intent or purpose to influence the performance of any act or omission which the person believes to be, or the public servant represents as being, within the official discretion of a public servant, in violation of a public duty, or in performance of a public duty.

Prosecution under this section shall not require any allegation or proof that the public servant ultimately sought to be unlawfully influenced was qualified to act in the desired way, that the public servant had assumed office, that the matter was properly pending before him or her or might by law properly be brought before him or her, that the public servant possessed jurisdiction over the matter, or that his or her official action was necessary to achieve the person's purpose.

Any person who commits bribery commits a felony of the second degree, punishable by a term of imprisonment not exceeding 15 years.

Bribery cases can be very complex, and are aggressively prosecuted. Being charged with criminal bribery will often leave the accused feeling alone and with the cards stacked against them. Political figures and those in position of authority will run for cover leaving any other person that may be involved left holding the bag.

If charged with a bribery crime, understanding your legal rights, options, and potential defense strategies is paramount. Seek the legal advice and representation of professional legal counsel. Your freedom and reputation may depend on it.

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