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There are many types child abuse and neglect that a person may be accused and/ or charged with, including:

  • Physical abuse of a minor;

  • Medical negligence of a minor;

  • Educational negligence of a minor;

  • Psychological or mental abuse of a minor;

  • Sexual abuse of a minor;

  • Nutritional negligence of a minor;

  • Encouragement of another to abuse or neglect a minor child.

All forms of child abuse are considered felony crimes. Depending on the specific type of child abuse crime that is alleged, a conviction may range from 1 year to imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life imprisonment.

If the abuse or neglect results in the untimely death of a minor child, manslaughter or murder charges may be filed by state prosecutors.

Being accused of child abuse or neglect does not always mean a conviction is a foregone conclusion. Innocent individuals are falsely accused of child abuse and neglect in the State of Florida and throughout the United States every day. False child abuse and neglect allegations are a common occurrence in divorce or child custody disputes where one spouse or parent tries to gain an advantage with the court, or simply out of "good old fashion spite."

It is our duty, as your child abuse and neglect criminal defense attorney to ensure you are fully aware of the the seriousness of the charges against you, and make fully aware of your legal rights, options, and potential defense strategies that may best serve your legal needs and goals. If the case goes to trial, we will make sure your voice is heard while we aggressively protect your rights and freedoms.

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