Conspiracy Crimes

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Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more parties to commit a crime.


  1. an agreement between 2 or more persons;

  2. an intent to enter into the agreement; and

  3. an intent by at least 2 persons to achieve the objective of the agreement.

A majority of states now also require for conspiracy that some overt act be committed to further the criminal conspiracy but a mere act of mere preparation may suffice. Any act, however small, can satisfy this requirement so long as the act is done with the intention of furthering the commission of the crime. Conspiracy is considered a separate and distinct crime and a perpetrator who carries out and is charged for the crime they conspired to commit can still also be charged with conspiracy.

Possible Defenses to Conspiracy:

  • Impossibility is not a defense to conspiracy

  • Withdrawal is not a defense to the conspiracy because the conspiracy is complete as soon as the agreement is made and an act in furtherance is performed. Withdrawal maybe a defense to crimes committed in furtherance of the conspiracy, including the substantive target crime of the conspiracy.

    • Withdrawal if effective and a valid defense when the conspirator must perform an affirmative act that notifies all members of the conspiracy of her withdrawal. Notice must be given in time for the members to abandon their plans. If she has also provided assistance as an accomplice, she must try to neutralize the assistance.

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