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Many men and women are the victims of domestic violence. The image to the left is the Circle of Violence that many people fall victim to. If you believe that you may become the victim of domestic violence, you many apply to the court for an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence. Every county has a clerk of courts where victims can file a petition for an injunction against an abusive spouse or family member.

The office staff in the injunction department are generally helpful with the filing of the appropriate paperwork to begin the process. The petitions are usually reviewed by a Judge on the same day. A decision will be made and a temporary injunction for protection is normally issued until a full evidentiary hearing can be made in order to determine if a temporary injunction should be converted to a permanent injunction. If the injunction becomes permanent, the person against whom the injunction is placed cannot come within 500 feet of the victim's person, home, or place of employment. Also, the abuser's right to bear arms and carry weapons is restricted and any contact with the victim is considered a criminal offense.

At a hearing on this petition, the Judge considers several factors to base thier decision on whether to change a temporary injunction to a permanent injunction. Some of these facts are:

  1. Whether there is a history of violence between the parties.

  2. Whether one spouse has a criminal history of child or spousal abuse (especially if weapons or a firearm was used)

  3. Whether one spouse has threatened to kidnap the children

  4. Whether one spouse has taken the other spouse hostage inside the home.

  5. Existence of previous orders of protection in place.

  6. Whether one spouse has been destructive inside the home.

  7. Any other behaviors that would raise concern that one spouse is in imminent danger of domestic violence.

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