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A weapons charge, also commonly called a gun charge (when a gun is the weapon inferred), is a very serious legal matter. Most weapons or gun charges are considered to be a felony crime. Weapon charges do not have to involve an act of violence, however, when the alleged crime does involve a weapon, it is considered a crime with a deadly weapon. The same applies to crimes involving a knife or any other object which may be used to cause bodily harm or death.

Each state, as well as the federal government has various weapon and gun laws which are designed to regulate who may own, possess, purchase, sell, or transport guns or weapons. Additionally, these laws are meant to protect the safety of those living in or visiting our communities.

Being arrested with a weapon without the proper permit or license is an issue law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts take very serious. The ramifications of a weapons charge (or gun charge) without the proper license and permit can be a very complex legal battle for your freedom, especially if you are arrested with firearm during the course of another crime.

Weapons Crimes often include, but are not limited to:

  • Felon in possession of a firearm;

  • Illegally carrying a concealed weapon;

  • Carrying a weapon in violation of probation / parole;

  • Illegal gun sales or trafficking;

  • Assault with a deadly weapon;

  • Or the commission of any crime with a gun.

When charged with a weapons or gun related crime make sure you are made aware of your legal rights, legal options, and any viable defense strategy by seeking experienced legal counsel.

Being charged with a weapons charge in the State Of Florida is a serious matter, as Florida has installed, and relentlessly tries to impose the 10/20/Life penalty. Escalating violent crimes involving guns prompted lawmakers to institute this policy as a gun deterrent.

The 10/20/Life policy for a weapons charge conviction is enforced as follows:

  • 10 Years (minimum) mandatory sentence for possession a gun during the commission of a crime;

  • 20 Years (minimum) sentence for firing a gun during the commission of a crime;

  • 25 Years to life (minimum) sentence for shooting a person during the course of a crime.

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