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Florida Courts no longer recognizes the term "child custody" or "custody agreements". these terms have been replaced with "Timesharing" and "Parenting Plans." "Timesharing" refers to the legal guardian status, residency, and caretaking responsibilities of the child. A Parenting Plan is the sum all child related issues, such as who the child will primarily reside with, visitation arrangements and schedules, the amount of child support to be paid, and by whom, and any other issues relating to the well being of the child.

While this has been confusing for many families in addressing issues relating to a child (or children), for the most part, it is simply a change in official legal terms which the court uses for the same child related issues. Many individuals have described the changes as another move to be political correct in the legal world.

In the State of Florida, the court has the authority to legally render decisions which pertain to the Timesharing (custody / visitation) and Parenting plans (custody agreements).

Florida Timesharing and Parenting Plan laws provide guidelines for accessing and making decisions regarding the legal and physical care of children which are affected by the divorce of a married couple, or unmarried partners which are no longer cohabitating.

The objective of Florida's Timesharing and Parenting Plan laws is to act in the best interest of the child, while utilizing the guidelines of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, as well as the current State and Local Laws.

Unless special circumstances dictate otherwise, the court will typically rule in favor for a parenting plan in which a child is able to maintain frequent contact with of their both parents.

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