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Florida law requires landowners, business owners, homeowners and property owners to maintain their property in a manner that does not cause injury to those that, for various reasons, visit the property.

Slip and Fall Accidents, fall under an area of law called premises liability. Generally a slip and fall refers to accidents & injuries which occur due to the negligent maintenance, or unsafe - dangerous conditions on property owned by someone other than the accident victim.

Slip and Fall Injury Premises Liability cases involves injuries or property damage sustained on the property or premises of a negligent third party. These types of cases often involve slip and fall accidents, which usually occur when a defective condition, foreign substance or an unsafe object causes a fall. Crucial to settlement recovery is being able to show how long the defect or substance was there, how visible it was, and how much notice the owner had of the dangerous condition before the accident.

Slip and fall accidents and injuries often occur as a result of:

  • Liquid substances left on a floor surface;

  • Failure to properly remove snow from walkways, sidewalks, and parking areas;

  • Slick floor surfaces;

  • Stairs or steps which are not in accordance with city code;

  • Walkways which are to steep;

  • Carpets or rugs which are not properly secure;

  • Carpets or rugs which have snags, holes or other damage;

  • Walkways, sidewalks, and parking areas which have potholes.

  • Lawn or grass areas which have significant holes or unsafe dips in the terrain;

  • Or any other unsafe condition which may cause one to slip, trip or fall, resulting in an injury.

Depending upon the circumstances of the slip and fall accident or incident, the severity of the injuries, and other factors, a slip and fall accident personal injury victim may be able to seek compensation for:

  • Injuries as a direct result of the personal injury accident or incident;

  • Medical bills directly related to you or your loved ones injuries, including medical treatment, physical therapy &, rehabilitation costs, prescription costs, necessary medical equipment, and if necessary, long term or permanent treatment treatment and care;

  • Lost Wages;

  • Pain and Suffering;

  • Permanent or long-term diminished quality of life.

In the event that a death has resulted from a slip and fall accident, immediate family members of the victim may seek justice in the form of a wrongful death liability lawsuit.

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