Street and Highway Racing Defense Lawyer

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It is a criminal offense to participate in any form of "street racing" on roads, highways, or other non-sanctioned areas, private or public, while operating a motor vehicle in the state of Florida. because Street and Highway Racing puts others in serious risk of property damage and personal safety, street racing is a crime that is aggressively prosecuted.

A conviction for a street racing criminal offense may result in substantial fines, loss of your driving privileges for a specified period of time, potential vehicle forfeiture, mandatory driving awareness courses, and up to 1 year in jail, and/or probation.

Many people do not realize that being a passenger in a vehicle involved in illegal street racing may also be considered a criminal offense if the passenger knowingly gets into a car that will be participating in the act of street racing. Being a passenger in a vehicle in which the driver chooses to race another vehicle after the passenger is already in the vehicle may not meet the criteria for being charged with street racing as a passenger of the motor vehicle.

Street racing is a form of Reckless Driving. Depending on other factors relating to a Street or Highway Racing crime, the accused may face additional charges such as fleeing or eluding law enforcement, speeding, disregarding safety signals and signs, or even vehicular manslaughter if the Street or Highway Racing directly causes or contributes to the death of another.

In some cases, your attorney may be able to negotiate to have the Street or Highway Racing Charge dropped, reduced to speeding or other lesser charge, or help you get probation instead of jail time.

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