I was facing some serious charges that I was faultily accused of. I was determined to clear my name and Mr. Blanco stood by my side 100% of the way. We won our case. I strongly recommend Mr. Lazaro Blanco.”


Mr. Lazaro, i recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer. He was there for me and did everything possible to inform me of everything. I would have not known what to do when my life flipped upside down on me. He took care of everything and, I’m proud to say, my life is back to normal once again. He works with you, he understands. He does what it takes to fight for you. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. My family and I are so grateful to have him on our side


Blanco immediately got to work as soon as I hired him. With in a week in a half he was able to lift my hold and set a bond hearing for me he was able to get me in to see the judge even though there was a high possibility I was not going to able to see the judge because she was loaded with cases. Attorney Blanco is really resourceful and knows how to get things done. He was able to buy me time with the judge to get things done and when it came down to it if I really needed more time he defended me and fought for more time. He showed me he’s really passionate about what he does and actually cares about his clients and defends them with his all. I am forever grateful for everything he’s done to help me in my case and I’m proud to say he got me out of my case, I highly recommend him to any future clients in need of an attorney.


My family and I were under enormous stress because of the serious felony charges pending against my sister in law.

Fighting for Justice:

In my opinion, Lazaro Blanco ranks as one of the top, excellent, brilliant, ethical, and honest lawyers.

Former Client

I’ve gotten the pleasure to use his services and I’m very pleased with his responsiveness, his care, and his dedication to his clients..”


Attorney Lazaro Blanco is the type of lawyer that most people ask them self if they exist, in my case he was on top of every angle keeping us in touch and informed on how the process was going an where it was heading giving us different option on what to do also suggesting us on what to do or which way to go on our best interest in order to get the best results. Very responsible for staying in contact and also answering or returning phone calls.


I was referred to Attorney Blanco by a family friend. I hired attorney Blanco after interviewing several Attorneys in my area. Attorney Blanco came across very personable and easy to talk with. I was not familiar with the judicial process, however, Attorney Blanco was very thorough in explaining the process and what our options were I felt that his in-depth level of experience led to us receiving a favorable outcome. His communication during the process was impeccable and he was very accessible to me and to even other concerned family members. Attorney Blanco was a beacon of hope for myself and family during a very trying time in our lives.


I hired attorney Lazaro Blanco to represent me for a felony matter. He did exactly what he said he was gonna do he got my charges reduced no jail time probation I walked away with just court fines. He was very professional always available to answer any questions or concerns I had regarding my case. He even met me places if I couldn’t make it to his office. I definitely recommend him as an attorney when it’s concerning your freedom you need somebody who’s gonna fight for you and he definitely will.


Lazarro has been my lawyer for years and he never disappoints my family or myself in any of our cases. He’s always on time and prepared for whatever is thrown at him. Will definitely recommend him.


Took really good care of me, especially since I had no idea how the law worked. Was completely honest and compassionate.


By far the best criminal defense lawyer in Florida. He has been my family’s “go to” lawyer for all of my brother’s criminal cases over the years. 
He always has explained everything that was going to happen and has always been responsive to our questions and concerns. He takes the time to explain my brother’s options each time we solicit his service. Mr. Blanco is always professional and straightforward. I would highly recommend Mr. Blanco. He always goes above and beyond what we expect each time my family has hired him. He is also fair with his fees and billings.


Mr. Blanco was up against DEA, State, and an overzealous undercover officer. He presented his case despite overwhelming odds, and his client’s practically forced confession being admitted as evidence. The jury agreed that the prosecution team misrepresented the facts by exaggerating my sister’s role in the case. She was found not guilty in two out of three charges. Reasonable doubt is enough to be found not guilty, so if he suggests you go to trial take his advice.


I am very happy with how quickly my case was handled. Had he not been so experienced and knowledgeable about the law it could have taken much longer. Since I was trying to move out of state, time was of the essence. I highly recommend Lazaro Blanco!


Lazaro Blanco is a remarkable lawyer. He has been diligent, persistent and accurate with my son’s case. I can call him at any time and he will always pick up my calls or call me back immediately. I definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a no-nonsense kind of lawyer. Thank you, Lazaro!


He went above and beyond my expectations…truly brought me a piece of mind..very professional and also very friendly..a very incredible person and lawyer….he knocked it out of the park! thanks Lazaro for everything


I hired Lazaro after my girlfriend recommended him to me and I’m happy that she did. I was looking at guaranteed prison time but Lazaro made sure I came home to my family! He got on his job immediately and did more than I expected from an attorney. My case was completely dismissed due to the evidence he provided in my case and he also got me out early. He was honest, straight forward, and never gave me false hope. I would definitely recommend hiring him to others!


Lazaro Blanco is an excellent attorney who demonstrates his ability by open communication, follow-through and preparation for court. It was refreshing to know we were going in ready to fight back for the right to present Discovery. Lazaro is dedicated to his clients and was an answer to prayer. He takes his cases seriously and respects the fact a life is in the balance. In a system which does not always allow all the facts to reach the judge’s hands, it was of great comfort to know Lazaro was able to get the information through. He was not shut down and cares. Thank you, Lazaro.


Mr. Blanco handled my step-parent adoption case. He helped immensely in getting the paperwork filed correctly so the process could go through the court system in a matter of a few months. We’re very grateful for his efforts on our family’s behalf.”


A few months ago I was in countered with an unfortunate situation that required me to seek professional counseling and representation. Mr. Blanco’s office came highly recommended through my personal network of resources. First and foremost, Mr. Blanco is very punctual and was present by my side within one hour of calling his office. His consultation was brief, direct, into the point. There was no hassle whatsoever and I became aware very quickly that he knew exactly what he was doing. His professionalism and demeanor along with his confidence in his work are what clearly displayed his credibility. Tasks that would have taken me weeks or possibly a month to complete, Mr. Blanco had accomplished within days. He is very well known through the courts because of his past achievements and accomplishments. Not to say that he can do this for every case, but when I was incarcerated without bond, he fought for my release and succeeded within days of my initial incarceration. In addition to this, he also Was able to negotiate the termination in revocation of my probation so that I can finally put this issue behind me and move on with my life. The value of service that was provided by Mr. Blanco and his office was definitely much greater than his fee for representation. I would most definitely recommend this attorney above all other attorneys that seek to earn your business. I am very thankful that I was given The opportunity to come across Mr. Blanco because what he did for me, I definitely feel no other attorney could have done in a more efficient duration of time. 5 stars across the board. Thank you again for everything that you have done to help me put this situation behind me and continue on with my life.

Jason M.

Going through a divorce is a difficult time and can be more difficult if you don’t have a good attorney. Mr. Blanco was timely and always made sure everything ran smooth. He is knowledgeable in his field and provides advice on the best direction to take. I am pleased with the outcome and would recommend him to anyone looking for a family law attorney.


Mr.Blanco was an excellent attorney for my case! Everything was done on time and in a timely matter. I was always updated if anything came up. When I came down to the courthouse I didn’t even have to stand in front of the judge. Now that’s a real lawyer!! If you want a top high-class lawyer I highly recommend Lazaro. He puts the gloves on and KO’s the case. He’s a winner!!!


Simply the best attorney, you will not find a better one Lazaro is a very professional lawyer. He is caring. I’m so happy I found Lazaro to handle my situation. If I could give him a higher rating I would. Thank you, Lazaro, for all you have done for me. He’s very professional. Nice person, he knows perfectly how to handle every situation. I Recommend Him.


My husband and I had this case since where the state picked up the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, and criminal mischief. My husband did not of the above and was wrongfully arrested, to begin with. The state immediately picked this case up with no evidence and an extremely uncooperative witness (me). The state attorney he had only looked into the case when it was time to call my husband which was twice. And because of the state attorney not doing anything at all this dragged on since Dec. 2015 till March 2016. I got fed up and reached out to Lazaro it took him about a week to get the whole case dismissed 100%!! He was super attentive I think my husband and I called him like a million times during that week and he went above and beyond to reassure us step by step how everything was. He saved my family and I thank God we found such a great attorney! 🙂


From the minute that we contacted Mr.Blanco he took absolutely great care of me. He was direct, honest, and most importantly always made sure he was available at all times and ready to answer any question or concern I had. He kept me updated through every step of the way with my case and most importantly, he successfully got my charges dropped and my name cleared. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is ever in need of THE BEST legal representation. If I could give him 1000 stars I would! Thank you Mr. Blanco for all your hard work, and thank you for giving me back my freedom.